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Life in Singapore, not as we know it

“How is it to live in Singapore?” I asked. “Everything is so clean here!”, he responded passionately. “And our laws are very firm. If you litter, you will get a…

Hollapino fever in the red eye to Manila

Posted in Philippines

I ate chicken feet today! But I’m getting ahead of myself. First a little bit about our flight to the Philippines. Our sweet friend Rosalie promised to drive us to…

We’re officially CO2-certified

Posted in Philippines

This is the start of our family journey to sustainable travel. Starting off with CO2-compensation for our flight to the Philippines

Plane or car? Which is more sustainable?

Posted in Transport

Your choice of transport has a big impact on the sustainability of your travel. But how do you know which is the best alternative? Luckily the European Environment Agency (EEA)…

Can you fly sustainably?

Posted in Transport

Would it be possible to take a plane and still call myself a sustainable traveler? Well… it turns out it is!

The benefits of minimalist travel

It was 2015 and we just booked our three-week holiday to Peru. I didn’t see myself traveling with a trolley. Flashbacks of dragging a wheeled bag to a bed and breakfast up a rocky hill in a recent trip to Tuscany was not one of my most graceful travel moments. So I wanted to change my luck in Peru.